Links to People Doing Really Interesting Stuff That I Like


This is a page of pointers to people who piqued my interest at some point. We spend a lot of time mining the web. It pays to record the locations of those nuggets when we find them.

Digital Art

  • Joseph Nechvatal. An artist using computer technology in innovative ways to generate images.
  • Blair Robins. Toronto, Canada. A digital artist using banknote production software.


  • Joachim Bandau. Germany. His black watercolour paintings appear to be the sum of overlapping transparent grey planes.
  • Patrick Hughes. London, UK. Patrick creates paintings that are 3-dimensional constructs that appear 2-dimensional. They have the additional property that as the viewer moves the perspective changes as if one is viewing a movie.
  • Robert Linsley is a professor in University of Waterloo’s Department of Fine Arts.
  • Graham Mileson. London, UK. A painter who works with interference colour.
  • Alex Powers. Myrtle Beach, USA. Painter and teacher with a good critical sense. If I had to choose one teacher to study with, he would be it.

Geometric Colour


  • Yves Klein (1928-1962). Paris. Produced a seriies of monochrome paintings. Tate.

The New New Painters